2 of my favorite shows of all time are Captain Planet, and Avatar the Last Airbender. I mean, what could possibly be cooler than shooting water/fire/air/earth out of your ring or hands? Let me answer for you. Nothing!

I will tell you what’s cooler than Captain Planet


What’s cooler than Avatar the Last Airbender:

Captain Planet, the Last Airbender! Seeing all sort of elemental themed parallels between the two cartoons (i had to cut out “heart” it’s the lamest power anyway. Seriously, Wheeler gets to shoot fire, and the heart guy -I don’t even know his name- gets to talk to monkeys all day? That’s not a power. That’s a curse.), I decided to mashup Captain Planet’s audio with Avatar the Last Airbender’s intro. The hardest part was splicing all the audio (done in audacity) to time perfectly with the avatar clip (in Imovie) since I was doing guesswork. Anyways, here it is:



Captain Planet, The Last Airbender