For those of you UMW students or Fredericksburg area residents who’ve passed the concrete/brick monstrosity on route 1 and wondered

A. What is that thing?
B. When’s are they going to be finished building it?

The answers are that the building is the William M. Anderson Center, a 1,700 seat state-of-the-art basketball/entertainment arena beng built by the University of Mary Washington. Once completed, the building will be used for hosting basketball division III games/tournaments, volleyball tournaments, and indoor concerts, rallies, and freshman honor convocation.
In fact, the building’s first event will be held in August during Freshman Orientation Week, around the same time the center will have a formal opening ceremony.

So now you’re probably wondering: What does the Anderson Center look like on the inside?

The answer lies ahead:


Special thanks to Athletics Director Ed Hegmann and Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions Melissa Yakabouski for arranging this tour.