So I just realized after a closer reading of the instructions for this project that we were supposed to have a mid-project update on our progress. Sorry! I dropped the ball on that one. I will say that mid-project the biggest problem that I had was finding a middle ground between what I was capable of/what I wanted. I tried for most of the past couple weeks to mashup 2 songs, but I’m too inexperienced with garageband and audacity, and I couldn’t figure out how to remove the chorus from portions of one song so that I could overlay it with the other. Anyways, what I settled on was a video mashup, where I wanted to take the intro of a modern cartoon and substitute the theme music for the intro theme to a classic TV show. Ideally, this would give the modern cartoon a classic feel and make it indistinguishable as a contemporary cartoon.
I did a little experimentation with spongebob/1920s ragtime, but it wasn’t very cohesive. So what I did, was switch cartoons (settling on the Fairly Odd Parents from Nickelodeon) and replace the original audio for Fairly Odd Parents’ theme music with the music from Bewtiched (which I had to cut up and reorder to make it fit the video)

Here is the end result: