Alright here we go:

I personally didn’t have too many problems with this, since I’m fairly familiar with the basics of imovie. I did, like most others from what I heard, have some trouble uploading my clips, though no problems editing. Mostly, the problem with uploading was that when I tried using handbrake, I had no idea what I was doing, so I tried uploading the videos and editing them on imovie instead. The problem with that was that imovie gave me an estimated time of 2 hrs to upload all 5 clips that I wanted before I could edit them down, so I had to find smaller clips on youtube, and use the youtube uploader instead.

I found that striking a good balance between commentary and allowing the viewer to watch enough of the scene to understand my commentary, was difficult since Hotel Rwanda doesn’t focus on cinematography as much as it does on its plot line, and acting (sorry, i’m not a film buff, and I really don’t watch very many movies either, so I don’t have very much experience with “quality” films). Hope you all can understand my commentary. I would definitely consider myself a much stronger writer than orator, since I have time to organize my thoughts when writing.