Ok, so it’s not real narcissism if you’re assigned to appreciate your own work.

I’d have to say my favorite project this semester has been my minimalist poster assignment. So first, here’s my story behind this particular project.

I wasn’t really sure which project I wanted to do, but I was able to narrow my choice down to either the Pokemon Card or Minimalist Poster Assignment. To make things easy, I just decided to combine them into a super assignment? and do a Pokemon, minimalist poster. There was also the fact that I have no visual/image editing tools on my computer except for MS Word now that I lost paint by converting to a mac, so I knew I had to do a project that could be done using basic shapes and lines (minimalism!). I actually learned how to use MS Word for basic design from a high school information systems computers class that focused entirely on in-depth mastery of MS Office software. There was actually this huge binder, which served as our textbook for the class, that required us to do strange assignments like “Design a poster for an event using Microsoft Word” (Seriously, what respectable business is going to create event posters using Word Clipart and basic shapes and lines?). Nonetheless, I did learn how to square images with text, send images to background, group objects (such as lines and circles) together, create textboxes, and change the background color.

To my own credit though, the poster took me several hours to complete, just because MS Word is really sort of tempermental and certainly not the best designtool.