There’s been a lot of great work this semester from all kinds of people in ds106, but here’s a few things from a couple people who raise the bar to the point where i’m questioning if whether or not i’m one of Jim Groom’s ds106 slackers, soon to go into ds106 exile…

Anyways, Megan MC’s Nerd Valentines….these were hilarious. “I want to live long and prosper with you”. It’s so funny, I’m not even going to call it cheesy. It’s so bad, it’s nearly romantic….nearly. The LOTR one with Gollum though, yeah…that’s still just creepy. Hey, if there’s a market for anti-valentines stuff, there should be a market for valentines like this.

Equally as noteworthy were Cali4Beach’s superhero valentines. Appealing to adults, comic-lovers, and anti-valentin(ists?) yet would also work well for awkward, forced, nondiscriminatory exchanging of valentines that happens while in elementary school. If only they were available in stores. Surely’d be a hot item.

Here’s a minimalist poster by Jcarlos done for Psycho that inspired me to do a minimalist poster of my own Well, not so much inspired, as showed me what a minimalist poster is (and an amazing one, at that) and how to do my own.

Finally, the dailyshoot! Cali4Beach all the way here. I mean, look at the detail she focuses on in her photos. It’s the kind of scope of vision/attention to detail paid when someone’s talking to you, and you’re not really paying attention to them, but that random ant on the sidewalk or that piece of gum stuck to the bottom of the thing… Anyways, there’s certainly an eye for images mimicking idle staring imo. Here’s a great example of what i’m talking about

Fortunately, there’s been far too many great works of digital storytelling art for me to mention in this post, and more to come for sure. I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for the video/audio portions of the class!