Got a little update from up north today and wanted to comment on things. Apparently up in NOVA yesterday, the weather was pretty insane: 10 inches of snow and thunder and lightning with wind making whiteout conditions? Wow. Several sources tell me that usually 10-20 minute commutes became 2-3hour commutes, with many people simply abandoning their commutes and camping out in McDonalds or Target. Some people even slept overnight in their offices.

Now the reason I mention this is because here in the ‘burg, all we got was a couple of inches of slush, plenty of mud, and miserably cold weather. So here’s my official plea to mother nature for OUR fair share of 10 inches of the white stuff, horrible traffic, and a day, a couple of days, several days, or a week of blizzard-like conditions. Why? Because muddy slush doesn’t make for good Dr. Pepper Snow Slushies.