*as a disclaimer this is probably not the best, simplest, or fastest way to do things*

So I went to google reader, logging in using the same gmail account I used to set up google analytics. After that, there was a brief overview/video on what google reader was all about and how to use it.

So of course, I skipped that video.

Next the kind folks at google offered me an option to either choose a pre-made package of subscriptions that they liked.

I doubt their tastes are similar to mine though, so I chose to add all of my own subscriptions. Oh by the way, the story on Earth getting twin suns was really, really interesting.

The next part was the part where my impressive 2 weeks-worth of web skills really shined. I went back to the long page of ds106 blog links provided here: http://ds106.us/wiki/index.php?title=UMW_courses_blog_URLs then under google reader, clicked the “add subscription button” located in the top left portion of the screen. I then proceeded to copy and paste every blog URL individually into the provided box.

The last part was sorting all of these puppies into folders. In the bottom left corner under subcriptions, there is a small blue link that says “manage subscriptions”. I clicked on that and found a full list of all the blog URLs I just subscribed to. Beside each of these URLs was a drop box reading “change folders”. Here I was able to create 2 separate folders, one for my section of ds106 and one for the other section. I then sorted each link into its respective folders using the drop box.

Oh and to follow other people on Google reader, I went here http://www.google.com/reader/view/#friends-manager-page and searched the person’s email address.