Ok, so I gotta get some of the technical stuff outta the way here. So i’ve pretty much spent the better portion of the last 2 days settting up my blog and installing plugins for it. The easiest plugins to install were definitely askimet and subscribe to comments since they had each had such an easy setup process. It really only took a few mintues to fill out the info forms for each of them, copy and paste a few things, and bam! I was finished. Twitter tools was slightly more complicated since it required a lot of copying and pasting of different codes etc. and alllll the information they asked for in and of itself took a pretty long time to deal with. Overall though it wasn’t nearly as bad as google analytics (ugh). So the thing about analytics is that I understand it’s a really cool thing to be able to track your own website’s activity etc., but (and you can laugh at me all you want, all you CPSC majors out there) requiring me to copy and paste that code before the closing header tag was really hard. First of all, if I hadn’t taken “intro to computer science” I wouldn’t have had any clue what a closing tag was let alone where to find one. This was not a task for the non-computer savvy.

Finally, I’ve been trying really really hard to get a daily booth feed on my blogsite so I can start competing with all the cool indie kids on dailybooth.com and post awesomelycoolindiepix and show off my amazing art/photography skills. Case and point here: http://dailybooth.com/Chrisb123/12439835

For some reason though, the dailybooth widget for wordpress doesn’t work. First off, I could only find 3 dailybooth widgets to begin with, and all of them are outdated and no longer work. Guess I won’t be outshining all the cool artsy kids this semester after all.  😦