Ok, so here’s the thing. I’m one of those people that goes through these phases of intensely liking whatever “thing” has captured my attention for the moment.

I do have what I guess you could call  “long-term”….lifelong obsessions. These would include my passion for pop music and of course my permanent fixation/unhealthy relationship with the fine dining establishment known as Chipotle (I’m currently self-medicating myself on 1 Chipotle burrito once a week on Fridays. Sorry if that grosses you out).

For the moment, my short-term obsessions include watching Modern Family (I don’t watch any T.V. except this awesome, hilarious show), playing Halo (i’m really really addicted), and TEA. (Now is a kind of weird one, but I got really into drinking tea over my winter vacation, and my mom gave me exactly 9 different boxes of tea bags to bring back with me to school. So what’s started as a cup of tea a day has now turned into 2-3 cups of tea a day.)

So now that I’ve bored you to death (and probably creeped you out a little), I’ll be posting pretty much anything and everything here via twitter, regular blogposts, and definitely some awesome vlogs whenever I get the chance. I’m like a magpie, so I guess that means anything shiny that catches my eye.